Completely love and pleasure for relationship

I love erotic stories, and I try to spend some time reading them to my boyfriend. However, the problem is that he just gets super excited, and wants to have sex. Personally, I like to hang on to that feeling for a little while, and continue reading, but with my boyfriend it is over in 5 minutes flat. I have said to my girlfriends at Islington escorts about the problem, and they have said that it sounds like he needs to chill out a bit. Perhaps if he read some stories when I work at Islington escorts of, he would not get so excited about them.

Some of my dates at Islington escorts, enjoy it when I read erotic stories to them. A couple of my favorite dates at the agency bring me in erotic books to read, and I just love it. At the moment, my boudoir  is sort of beginning to fill up with books. The other day I had to go to buy another bookshelf just to make some room for more books. It is almost like erotic books are taking over my life completely, and I must have bought about ten in the last month.

One of my dates at Islington escorts, thinks that I should start writing my own erotic books. To be honest, I don’t think that I am talented enough to do that but some of the girls at the agency agree with him. They think that I have at least one hot and steamy novel in me. The problem is finding the time. I love to read but I am not sure that I am going to find the time to sit down and pen a book. After all, it needs to consist of at least 12 000 words, and that is a lot.

I suppose I could base my book on my adventures at Islington escorts, and that would make for some interesting reading. I have met a lot of exciting guys, and I am sure I could pen a chapter about each one of my dates. Of course, I would not mention any names. All of that would have to be changed as I did not want to lose any of my hot dates. I adore all of the gents that I date, and there is no way I would want to upset them in any way.

Maybe I should try. I have never written an erotic novel before, but I have written plenty of other stuff. I know that I can write, but what would I call my book. Life at Islington escorts? It would have to have a really good title, and sell well, I think that I would have to talk about my life at Islington escorts. My boss thinks it would be a great idea, and it might even help to see the escorts in a different light. It is not all about what people think it is about, so a book could be a real eye opener.

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